We aim to be fair with our students and teachers

Why do we not have exact prices?

In Talkin´Languages we tailor the classes to each student so we think that it does not make sense to put prices on our websites as each student is different. 

The prices will depend on whether the class is individual or in a group, the quantity of classes per week or month, the type of class (conversational, preparation for exams, technical Spanish, etc.), and the time of each class.

Price calculator

1. Choose your option:
1 on 1 tutoring
Group classes
* you need to make your own group of up to 5 students so the classes stay personal and interactive.
2. Choose course type:
3. Length of the course:
3 months
4. How many days a week:
2 days
5. Time per class:
30 minutes
1 hour
1.5 hours
2 hours
Total estimated price: $700


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