Spanish Language Courses

Individual or Group Classes

Individual Classes

We understand the challenges of studying online. That’s why our 1-on-1 lessons are tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.

Group Classes

Perfect for families, friends, or organisations. We encourage our students to make their own group of up to 5 students. This will allow the classes to remain personal.

Our Courses

Customized Spanish Lessons for:

Medical Professionals

Work with our TITLE/EXPERT to learn appropriate medical terminology and essential phrases for medical settings. Ideal for healthcare workers in rural areas and metropolitan cities with Spanish speaking populations.

Business Associates

Feel confident communicating in a corporate and professional setting. Our customisable business classes are perfect if you travel for work often, are part of a multi-national organization, or work remotely with professionals across the Spanish speaking world.

School Aged Kids

Expand your classroom education with real-life uses and lessons tailored to your specific needs and learning opportunities. Kids 5-15 welcome.


Develop your Spanish skills for traveling, communicating with family or friends, boosting your resume, or simply as a hobby with adult lessons designed by an experienced Spanish instructor.

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