About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to make learning Spanish enjoyable so that students are having a good time, but at the same time they are improving with every class.

At TalkIn’ Languages we strongly believe that learning is a process and not a product. That’s why our mission is to create the perfect atmosphere for learning Spanish while still presenting the language in a natural context.

Our Methods

We adapt to each individual student as every person is different and has a different purpose for learning a language. Our classes are completely tailored to our students. That’s why at the beginning we debate together how the classes will be.

Of course, as experts, we will give our advices and explain which methods or activities are the best ones depending on your goals, hobbies and general interests.

Our Mission

Our team consists of professional and native Spanish teachers with at least the FELE certificate, and that are passionate about teaching you Spanish.


Hi! My name is Blanca. I have been a teacher for 3 years now and a language student all my life. I speak English, French, Mandarin and of course Spanish! I love making classes fun and interactive, always focusing on the needs of my students 😊

Fun Fact

I love dad jokes!


Hello, my name is Jesús but people call me Suso. I have studied medicine and worked as a doctor before, but I’ve found my true passion in teaching languages. I love teaching Spanish and the culture of my country. I’ve found a great team to grow with at TalkIn’Languages.

Fun Fact

I’m also a musician, I love country music!


I am Carmen. I consider myself a professional globetrotter. I have always believed that education is the bridge between different cultures, that’s why I am a teacher. I have been living in big capitals of the world like Tokyo, London, Madrid… And I am always ready to travel and live new adventures!

Fun Fact

I am a Crazy Cat Lady (Mum of five cats!)


CXO- Chief Experience Officer of TalkIn’ Languages.

I take care of the positive working environment and the overall experience of our services. I am the most experience teacher of our company but right know I have a busy schedule.

Fun Fact

I am a tenis balls Investor in my free time. They have a high return rate.

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