Our main goal is to make learning Spanish enjoyable so that the students feel they are having a good time, but at the same time realize that they are improving with every class.


In TalkIn´Languages we strongly believe that learning is a process and not a product. That is why our mission is to create the perfect ambiance for learning Spanish while still presenting the language in a natural context.


Our classes are completely tailored to our students. That is why at the beginning we debate together how the classes will be. Of course, as experts, we will give our advices and explain which methods or activities are the best ones depending on your goals, hobbies and general interests.

We adapt to every student as every person is different and have different purposes to learn a language.



Our team consists of professional and native Spanish teachers with at least the FELE certificate, although we believe the most important is that our teachers are passionate about teaching you Spanish.

It is a fact that the teacher is one of the factors that can motivate or demotivate you meanwhile learning a new language. In TalkIn´Languages we are very aware of this and our team of professionals work hard to make sure it is not a barrier for your progress.

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