We provide one FREE ONLINE ASSESMENT CLASS so you can get to know the teacher before deciding if you would like to continue learning Spanish with us. You do not need to pay anything in advance!  Choose any time that fit you and start learning Spanish with TalkIn’Languages native tutors.


From our many years of experience we know that learning a new language is a challenge, so to keep every student motivated we customize the classes to your needs, level and interests.

Our team consists of professional and native Spanish teachers with at least the FELE certificate, although we believe the most important is that our teachers are passionate about teaching you Spanish.

We believe that the price for learning Spanish should be fair and adjusted to your needs. The price will depend on the type of class, the duration and how many classes per week or month you want.


We know how important (and sometimes challenging) to learn a new language can be. That is why TalkIn´Languages tailor the classes to our students creating an interactive, practical and motivating environment. We believe that we are your personal helper so that you can achieve your own goals.

We strive to have a dialogue with every student about how and what they want to learn, always giving our advice about techniques, activities, and methods.



In TalkIn´Languages we know how important it is to learn a language. That is why we focus on tailoring our 1 on 1 Online Spanish classes to each student.


Our tutors are experienced in teaching Technical Spanish Online so you end up being a Spanish expert in your technical specialization!

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Do you want to learn Spanish with your friends, colleagues or family? Make a group of up to 5 people and contact us!


I started from zero and quickly built up a sufficient level of spanish to be comfortable speaking. My tutor is a person that is easy to talk with and was very good at making the lessons personalized to me which gave me a stronger motivation to keep on learning.
Martin Christensen
Financial services
I was very pleased with my Spanish teacher´s ability to explain difficult concepts easily and adjust according to my feedback. Her lessons were always interesting and helpful, which made it easier to learn everything quickly. I recommend her to everyone who is looking for a great teacher
Elisabeth Zhan

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